Our Story

ROYA (Farsi): a dream, premonition or vision;
SPIRIT: the vital principle in humans.


Introducing the world’s first & only zero-calorie simple syrup made with all organic ingredients.  A splash of this nectar goes down smooth in a limitless number of cocktails, and can also sweeten your coffee, tea or any homemade recipe including sodas, smoothies, and baked goods.  Roya Spirit Original Syrup is free of sugar, glucose, and unhealthy additives, so you can support your health while satisfying your senses.


At Roya Spirit, we believe health is happiness.  In each bottle of our syrup, you’ll find the very best that nature has to offer.  We’ve meticulously selected each ingredient in our recipe, and carefully balanced them to create a sweetener that will enhance the taste of just about any anything you’d put to your lips.  Here’s a toast we like to say at the table: 'To Your Health'.  If you have some Roya Spirit in your drink, those words can be taken literally, naturally...

I was born in Iran and traveled throughout India during childhood, which informed my palette for natural ingredients and unique flavors.  After years of serving drinks at some of San Francisco’s most esteemed bars, I became inspired to shake up the industry with a creation of my own - Roya Spirit Original syrup.  As an herbal mixologist, bartending instructor and bar consulting expert named “The Cocktail Queen” by SOMA Magazine (2013), I has proven herself to be a tastemaker and a visionary in the field, with the ability to look beyond the crowd of short-term trends into more meaningful breakthroughs.  Now aa a devoted mother who is passionate about a healthy lifestyle and a healthy planet, I will continue to deliver new creations via Roya Spirit as I continually revolutionizes the way we look at our pleasures, one surprisingly sweet sip at a time.